Ronin Yu 1 Series 19g

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Ronin Yu 1 Series Soft Tip Dart Set-95% Tungsten -19gm. Fortune Favors the Brave. Ronin Yu is finely crafted in 95% tungsten, and features a double shark fin grip from nose to mid-section, equalized by Sirius – an apex rear grip for total control. More than 400 multi directional contact points across axial and radial cuts create a superior grip profile that will still take flight on command, releasing smoothly for velocity and accuracy. As every Ronin has many facets – so there are two Yu barrels. One balanced in the center, and the other in front. To prepare for greatness, Ronin Yu endures 9 stages of crafting: precision machining, cuts and grooves applied, followed by a sleek black titanium coating. It is then re-machined, and coated in high-tech particles before laser etching with the mark of Yu. Each dart is armored to survive with two different, highly protective coatings: sleek black Titanium, and a durable red Hi Tec Particle Coating.