Name:  Kevin Yasenchak

Nickname:  Yaz

Age: 30

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Years Playing Darts:  11 years


Team USA for the Phoenix Cup in South Korea.

Won both Doubles 01 and Cricket at 2019 Bullshooter Ohio Regional with Luke Kollias.

Won Open Team Event at 2019 Bullshooter Finals. 

2nd in Both Open Cricket Doubles and Open 01 Doubles at 2019 Bullshooter Finals.

Won Youngstown 501 Singles (Steel Tip)

Won Doubles Cricket at Cleveland Extravaganza (Steel Tip)

Employer:   The Plastic Works

Hobbies outside of darts: 

 My hobbies outside of dart included fishing, shooting, camping.

Basically anything outside

Current Sponsors:

Booyah Darts



Soft Tip Dart setup:

I throw my signature barrels with the Cuesoul points (black)

With standard Tero AK4 black flights

With Tero size D black shafts


Steel Tip Dart Setup:

I throw the Rob Cross 23g barrels

With standard Tero AK4 black flights

With size C Tero black shafts