Haruki Muramatsu Rising Sun 3.0 Steel Tip Darts - 21gm

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The Rising Sun 3.0 Japanese Barrel as used by 2018 Dartslive Super Darts Champion - Haruki Muramatsu.
Made to Haruki's exact specifications, these 95% tungsten darts are the 3rd and latest generation of the Haruki range. Staying true to the forward thinking trends of Japan, two of the barrels are coated in a stunning blue titanium coating, while the other is coated with a chrome highlight titanium coating, this makes for a striking and unique set-up. These high performance dart barrels bear Target's unique lifetime barrel guarantee.


Barrel Only Weight - 21.5gm
Fully Dressed Weight (approximately) - 23gm
Barrel Length - 45.00mm
Barrel Diameter - 7.80mm

What Do You Get?
3 Barrels
3 2ba Shafts
3 Flights
3 Steel Tip Points

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