Americana The Wrangler Steel Tip Darts

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Unbridled spirit

Matching your sharp eye and keen skills, The Wrangler is the kit you need to corral the orneriest opponents. This center weighted, 80% tungsten barrel features black titanium coated markings of a fine bay filly. The fine ‘lasso’ layered grip releases easily at precisely the right moment and combined with the trusty knurl at the center; you’ll capture your target with ease. Time to get your boots dusty and mount up.

A long tight nose with bull horn grip tied down for close groupings on the dartboard and a solid reference point for the front finger. Followed up by the fine lasso layered grip, with knurled bands in the center, for a strong and versatile position to control your throw. 

Available in 23g, 24g, or 25g

Barrel Length: 23g (51mm) 24g (51mm) 25g (51mm)

Barrel Diameter: 23g (7.1mm) 24g (7.5mm) 25g (7.5mm)


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