Xqmax 90% Soft - Michael Van Gerwen Mighty Generation II 18gm

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Michael van Gerwen "Mighty Generation" darts are precision machined by Shot! Darts in NZ from 90% tungsten featuring a modern combination of axial and radial grips with MvG green color highlights and are fitted with durable polycarbonate progressive colored regular shafts and Michael van Gerwen dart flights

90% Tungsten Barrels
2ba Crystaline Shafts x2 sets
2BA L-Style Lip points x2 sets
MVG Signature Poly flights

Barrel Length - 1 3/4"
Barrel Diameter - 9/32"

Barrel only weight - 16.5gm
Fully dressed weight - 18gm

All Darts Sold in a Set of 3