Muu16 CKW 17g

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Muu Darts special edition to charity sales. Crossover with famous cantopop singer Jason Chan. First 100 sets of sales will be donated to Companion Animal Federation after deducting the cost. To promote kindness, prevent and suppress cruelty to animals and to suppress abuse to companion animals. 


Designed by Jason Chan, the famous singer and darts player in Hong Kong.
Electronic black and blaze blue pattern with Jason signature CKW720 on the barrel. 
Pleasing in shape and styling and comfortable grip design.


Material: 90% Tungsten
Max Dia : 6.57 mm
Length : 50 mm
Weight : 17g

Bundled accessories:
• Case packing
• Flights – 6 pcs
• Shaft – 6 pcs
• 2BA tips – 6 pcs

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